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Covid-19: Measuring the impact of school responses

I listened with interest to the Business as (un)usual: Supporting vulnerable learners through Covid roundtable (#CovidRoundTable). As the panel shared their experiences it occurred to me that at some point – maybe now, maybe later – that schools may want to evaluate what they have achieved during this time. So here is my contribution to the debate. Here are the beginnings of an outcomes framework that seeks to capture the extent of the current schools context.

Special School Leaders

NASS launches a new book ‘Special School Leaders – Case Studies from Leaders of Independent Schools and Non Maintained Special Schools’. Published by NASS and edited by Matt Overd and Anita Kerwin-Nye this resource shares the experiences of school leaders who took part in this year’s NASS Leadership Programme.

How arts and culture can make invaluable contributions to education

Arts and culture can make invaluable contributions to the education, health and wellbeing of disabled people, but they do not have the same access as nondisabled people. Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Arts and Culture organisations have been setting a path towards greater inclusion of young people with disabilities for some time. And many research reports, networks, initiatives and conferences have highlighted this as a common theme.