Matt Overd is an experienced third sector leader and expert in outcomes based strategy development, implementation and evaluation. Having worked for very large, medium and very small charities, he now provides consultancy support to a range of organisations. Matt also has particular interest in individual and community resilience, youth led approaches, conflict resolution, disabilities and inclusion, user engagement and humanitarianism. Matt has a PhD in chaos, an MSc in Voluntary Sector Management and a BEng in process engineering.

MO Consulting aims to help organisations and their people to focus and achieve greater impact, better working systems and increased efficiency. Matt typically adopts an inclusive approach, working with managers and teams to help structure their ideas, provide constructive challenge and deliver what is needed to help things move forward. From big picture blue sky thinking to the nitty gritty of detailed processes, Matt will provide frameworks, tools and logical thinking to help organisations create change. The five themes Outcomes Approach, Strategy Development, Process Improvement, Project Management and Leadership Development reflect an organisation's journey from an idea to implementation. Matt would be happy to help, wherever you are on this journey.

Highlighted experience

  • 30 years working and volunteering in the charity sector.
  • 20 years as a qualified trainer and assessor.
  • 10 years as freelance consultant.
  • Majority of work with young people, education or communities.
  • Consultation and development of large and small organisation's strategies.
  • Implemented outcomes frameworks for UK services
  • Facilitated outcomes workshops for senior managers.
  • Acting CEO for a small UK training charity.
  • Complex project management including Government, multi-agency and multi-country.
  • Project management frameworks and training for UK charities.
  • Financial modelling and options appraisals for restructuring.
  • Author of academic publications, blogs and numerous training materials.
  • Raised millions of pounds for charitable activities
  • Closed charities in a safe and controlled way.
  • Desk based research, focus groups and one-to-one interviews for UK and international organisations
  • Public awareness and policy change campaigns.

Consultancy services

  • Strategy drafting
  • Project plan drafting
  • Supporting senior management
  • Process design
  • Project management
  • Programme design
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Training and developing learning materials
  • Options appraisals
  • Financial modelling
  • Desk based research
  • Survey design, administration and analysis
  • Interviews and focus groups
  • Funding applications
  • Action learning and coaching
  • Partnership and consortium management