MO Consulting

Strategy and implementation consultancy for charities, education and non-profit organisations

Whatever the metaphor - bricks in a wall, cogs in a machine, roots and branches of a tree - the principle is the same, organisations work better when people are focused on the same goal.
A unifying strategy helps, but if it is not applied through leadership, decision making or the detail of daily tasks then it is unlikely to drive the desired change.

Led by Matt Overd, MO Consulting aims to help organisations fill gaps in their strategic development and implementation.
Do you have a strategy, but living it is a challenge? Are you doing great work, but it's hard to see how it all fits together? Get in touch to see if our approach can help your organisation:

Outcomes approach

Charities, education and non-profits should strive to make the greatest impact with their resources. ()

Strategy development

Strategies are not tomes that sit unread. They are principles to focus activity and guide approach. ()

Process improvement

All organisations have processes. Most will do the job as people will find a way, but are they reliable and efficient? ()

Project management

Projects combine skills and resources for specific objectives. A strong project plan is essential. ()

Leadership development

Outcomes, strategy, process and projects will not drive change without senior leadership's engagement. ()

MO's own or pro-bono projects include: